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Master of Orion Revenge of Antares-CODEX Change Log By SkidrowGamesReloaded.com on 2nd December 2016 04:23:16 PM
  1. Master of Orion – “Revenge of Antares” and update v54.6 Patch Notes
  2. 2 December - Bertiux   
  3. Greetings Explorers,
  5. Today 1st of December we are proud to present you what is one of the biggest game updates since the beginning of Early Access. As you may notice, this build has some obvious influences from Master of Orion II, but it is also the result of processing a lot of feedback that you have been provided since it all started. So once again, thank you for your input and support.
  7. The new content can be divided in two parts:
  9.     “Revenge of Antares Race Pack” DLC
  10.     We are bringing back the three iconic races that were first introduced with Master of Orion II: the elegant yet xenophobic Elerian, the peaceful aquatic Trilarian and the skilled traders Gnolam join the fight for Orion!
  12.     Update v54.6 highlights
  13.         The Antarans are back!
  14.         Leaders and Governors
  15.         Minor Civilizations
  16.         Ship profiles for Tactical Battles
  17.         A complete revamp to Espionage
  18.         Support for Mods in Multiplayer
  21. IMPORTANT NOTE: due to the heavy gameplay modifications, your old savegames won’t be loadable once you update the Master of Orion client. In order to allow you to finish your ongoing games we have enabled a Steam Branch which contains the build 51.3, you can access it by going to the game properties/betas and selecting the option “version51 — Pollution and Gravity Update”
  22. Also, please be advised that old mods may cause issues with the new version of Master of Orion, so you may need to update them (if a new version is available) or deactivate them.
  23. Read on for the full patchnotes, and as always we are eager to get your feedback!
  25. Detailed Changes v54.6
  27. AI
  29.     Improved evaluation of planet rating for better deal evaluation
  30.     Improved invasion analysis and execution
  31.     Improved Opportunity Rating and Opportunity Threshold analysis
  32.     The AI is now better at handling its Command Points at an Empire level
  33.     The AI is now better at organizing its defenses
  34.     Decreased colony ship output
  35.     Improved war possibility factor analysis regarding economic considerations
  37. Balance
  39.     Pollution:
  40.         Pollution Processor cleaning effect increased from 10 to 15
  41.         Core Waste Dump cleaning effect increased from 100 to 150
  42.         Pollution absorption for Barren biomes increased to 60 (previous 30)
  43.     Rebalanced Peaceful and Militaristic traits.
  44.     Rebalanced Research speeds:
  45.         Research cell output increased from 2 to 3.
  46.         Techtree nodes cost increased by 33%.
  47.     Rebalanced share charts costs.
  48.     Creative perk research bonus increased to +50%
  49.     Pollution Processor moved to Molecular Compression Technode. Core Waste dump cleaning value increased
  51. General
  53.     Technologies that do not belong to a race’s techtree or are void because of Victory Conditions selection no longer appear in the techtree
  54.     Recyclotron structure added
  56. Tactical
  58.     Added Ramming
  59.     Improved AIs selection of opening moves when entering combat
  60.     Improved battlefield hazard generations better selection algorithm plus more quantity and diversity
  62. SFX
  64.     Added new charging sound
  65.     Added notification sounds
  66.     Intro sounds added for: Amoeba, Eel, Squid and Dragon.
  67.     Updated Warp sound
  69. UX
  71.     Economic Victory conditions graph improvements
  72.     The production queue is now fully functional
  73.     Added info during Cinematic battles for easier reference
  74.     Improved selection and formations visuals and feedback
  75.     New battle log with more information
  76.     Added Range Day indicator
  77.     Added "requires" field to Tech Applications
  78.     Added scientific victory requirement to scientific victory tech apps
  79.     Added and revised several tooltips
  80.     Use full empire name instead of race name in the title of espionage attack report
  81.     Hide view planet button in mission debriefing for empire missions
  82.     Integrated agent captured popup
  84. Bug Fixes
  86.     Blanding error at the end of "new tech added"
  87.     Fixed inconsistencies between a monster destruction event and text
  88.     Fix for bombing flow AI attacks player’s colony
  89.     Fix for Escape button sometimes not responding
  90.     Fix for the game locking up/infinite processing turn after encountering the first race
  91.     Fix for an unusual softlock in strategy mode
  92.     Fix for Blueprint changes not being saved
  93.     Localization fix for: Key for 'Toggle Auto-turn' not ticking Auto-turn checkbox
  94.     Localization fix for old Pollution Immunity perk description in custom races
  95.     Fix for Missing key at Empire selection pop-up
  96.     Fix for a grammatical error in notifications appearing after annual payment agreement ends
  97.     Fix for negotiate button taking the player to a normal audience
  98.     Fix for upgrade button disappearing when editing a blueprint name after unlocking an upgrade
  99.     Fix for the Upgrade blueprints button appearing even when there’s is nothing to upgrade
  100.     Added Imminent biome degradation notification
  101.     Biome degradation now happens at the correct time
  102.     Colony production grid distribution fixed
  103.     Fix for incorrect food delta in colonies when polluted
  104.     Pollution Cleaning structures now are shown in pollution tooltip
  105.     Fix for subterranean farms not updating tile value in food line
  106.     Fix for incorrect production values showing after building the neutron collider
  107.     Fix for production speed, now it affects production costs instead of productive output
  108.     Difficulty level (production bonus for AI) is now calculated properly. Added additional cleanup per AI difficulty
  109.     Fix for weapons not being selectable after selecting an enemy
  110.     Fixes for some issues on specials and squadrons info update
  111.     Fixed several issues related to selecting multiple ships and giving them orders
  112.     Fixed automatic toggle on weapons when receiving a general/weapon focus order
  113.     Fixed tooltips for modules that don’t have a weapon type
  114.     Fix for hotkeys being enabled in the tutorial that could guide the player into an incorrect flow
  115.     Autorepair achievement icon art fixed
  116.     Fix for tooltip displaying incorrect security level information
  117.     Fixed a bug that prevented the Amoeba from attacking in tactical battles
  118.     Fix for inconsistency in a tech bonus in two different languages

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