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Portal Knights v0.7.0 Cracked-3DM Change Log By SkidrowGamesReloaded.com on 22nd November 2016 12:46:40 PM
  2.  Portal Knights Update v 0.7.0, featuring Water and Hard Mode Bosses OUT NOW!
  3. 22 November - PK_CM505 
  4. Update v 0.7.0, featuring water and hard mode bosses, is available to download NOW!
  6. In response to community feedback, our development team have been working flat out to bring you guys lots of new content and features.
  8. Update v 0.7.0 also sees the introduction of split stacks, the Ward of Protection, RPG enhancements, emotes, new events and much, much more!
  12. Additions
  13. - Water has been introduced to Portal Knights. When creating new universes and islands, many islands will have lakes. Old universes and islands will have some water thanks to certain events.
  14. - Water will contain new enemies and chests with specific loot.
  15. - New items will help the player underwater against drowning like air as loot, oxygen potions and oxygen buffs.
  16. - Expressive animations can be played from the new emote menu.
  17. - Each boss has now a hard mode counterpart that can be accessed via an instant-travel item. These items drop when defeating the regular version of each of the bosses.
  18. - The hard mode bosses have stronger attacks and minions and should be encountered with a full party of 4 well-equipped Portal Knights.
  19. - To help overcome this challenge, new items will be available: rings, specific potions and new weapons.
  20. - The hard mode bosses have unique loot which is unavailable anywhere else in the game.
  21. - Stacks of items can now be split in half using the right-click context menu.
  22. - Shift-click allows auto-transferring items from the action bar to the backpack or chests and vice versa.
  23. - Controller rumble has been added.
  24. - The main attributes have been reworked. There are now 6 main attributes which are increased automatically for all classes on each level up with a bonus for your 2 class-specific attributes. In addition to this, the player can now freely raise any of the available 6 attributes with 3 points per level-up. All Attribute-Points have to be redistributed.
  25. - If the distribution didn’t go as planned, there is also a potion available for crafting to reset the attributes points.
  26. - The ‘Ward of Protection’ has been introduced. This item can shield a certain area of the island against enemy spawning. Already existing enemies are not killed upon placement. Also, event enemies will still spawn so that event quests can always be solved.
  27. - Enemies now follow the player more aggressively. They are slightly faster and can jump better over obstacles.
  28. - New events are available with new trophies, loot chests and challenging enemies.
  29. - New block types are available.
  30. - A new option allows changing of the field of view.
  31. - A new option allows various settings of shadow quality. This may help fine-tuning the performance of the game for older systems.
  32. - A new setting allows the player to force the camera into third person camera mode during combat when playing in first person camera mode.
  33. - New pets are available.
  34. - Enemies now drop coins.
  36. Changes
  37. - Loot is no longer filled into the highlighted actionbar slot. This prevents accidental placement of freshly picked up blocks.
  38. - The worldmap has been improved for a smoother handling.
  39. - The emotes are triggered over the emote wheel. The key or controller button for the emote wheel may require the reset of the key-bindings to show up correctly. The reset button can be found in the key-bindings menu in the options.
  40. - The first grassland island after the homeland island (ID: 1-03) has a new graphical variant in new universes.
  42. Fixes
  43. - Several causes for crash bugs during game booting and island loading have been fixed.
  44. - Several causes for crash bugs during gameplay have been fixed.
  45. - Recipe lists and vendor lists can now be folded and un-folded with controllers.
  46. - Several minor fixes and tweaks to UI navigation with controllers.
  47. - Several fixes to recipe distribution at the various crafting stations.
  48. - Dungeons have been tweaked and improved on the various biomes.
  49. - The game should be displayed correctly again on systems with graphic cards with low memory.

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