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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Update v20161118-RELOADED Change Log By SkidrowGamesReloaded.com on 21st November 2016 08:05:17 AM
  2. Patch Notes - November 17
  4. There was over 1,000 bug fixes in this title update across MP and Zombies this go around. Some were smaller, backend fixes and adjustments and some were larger well known issues that we received from you and your feedback, so thank you!
  6. Multiplayer
  8. -Fixes for Medals
  9. -General fixes for Infected mode
  10. -Removing CTF Flags in Winner’s Circle; adjusted session state change for games where there’s no kill cam
  11. -Map exploits (we know some of you are reporting one on Genesis; we’re working on it)
  12. -Removal of Taunts that weren't supposed to be unlocked
  13. -Localization formatting fixes
  14. -Adjusted a challenge to correctly reference Propulsion rather than Rushdown
  15. -Fixed typos
  16. -Adjusted the challenge for killing players in the air just a tinnnny bit more lenient
  17. -EAK ADS fire fix
  18. -Fixed an issue where the 2nd player in splitscreen would not earn any Mission Team Progress
  19. -Added a sound for tripmine projectile
  20. -Fix for Synaptic death going through the ground
  21. -Add a win to the top 3 players in FFA modes for leaderboard stats and show victory on the final win/lose/tie HUD
  22. -Created more contract between the 3 Scorestreaks that are selected versus the ones that are disabled
  23. -Adjusted points for score per bomb plant
  24. -Fixed accessory collision on the R.A.W.
  25. -Adjusted a Frontline spawn point on Riot due to intersection geometry
  26. -Fix for previews of Mission Team emblems when they were still locked
  27. -Adjusted gun camos
  28. -FFA score increase from 50 to 100
  29. -Fixed the collision of the strap on the Karma from glitching through the other side of the gun
  30. -DMR-1 – Epic- No longer supports the Variable Zoom Scope
  31. -Enlarged the collision shape on cosmetics to prevent clipping with various weapons
  32. -Fix for one extra frame of latency that was appearing in the muzzle flashes
  33. -Fixed a bug where bots wouldn’t pick up crates in Drop Zone
  34. -Fixed a bug where the Stinger would lock on to your own Killstreaks in FFA
  35. -Fix for S&D crash
  36. -Better win conditions that will prevent draws in Reinforce
  37. -Combat Burst duration tuning for CWL
  38. -CWL – adjustments to recipe for correct Payloud charge and score rates
  39. -Added Infected mode
  40. -Adjustment to the Warden Killstreak on Breakout
  41. -Pick 10 points are now blue
  42. -Added ability to see the chosen Rig and mini combat record of others players in a lobby
  44. Zombies in Spaceland
  46. -Fix for pap zappers having no ammo after you pick them back up off the standee
  47. -Fix for pap zappers not having camo after putting back on the standee
  48. -Fix for Brute having his helmet on incorrectly after removing it after he grabbed a zombie
  49. -Fix for zombies who "walk on air"
  50. -Fixes for certain cards with the Alien Fight
  51. -Front end camera transition fixes
  52. -Fix for the croc mouth (sometimes it wouldn’t return to its original height)
  53. -Fix for seeing player outlines when they are playing emulated arcade games
  54. -Allow clowns to be part of the "kill marked" challenges
  55. -Make sure the Brute zombie doesn't decide to grab/kill zombies who are marked for a challenge
  56. -Fix for players being able to jump+sprint down the slide
  57. -Add the soul key progression to the front end.
  58. -Fix for players being able to repair a window from too far away and avoid being attacked
  59. -Fix for N31L's pause/unpause functionality being broken after letting him auto-pause due to multiple failed challenges in a row
  60. -Fixed the occasional crawling zombie playing a standing death animation
  61. -Reducing emissive on camos
  62. -Give player a hit reward if melee’ing during Infinite Ammo
  64. PC Specific Updates
  66. * Add support for raw mouse input.
  67. * Fixed issues where recent changes to ButtonHelperText were not playing nice with the user's ability to change gamepad enabled status.
  68. * Additional restart game warning has been added to the "Optimal Video" option to allow the user to be warned that the game will restart when setting to optimal settings.
  69. * Changed Particle Lighting option description to be more descriptive and not imply it is a toggle.
  70. * Fixed issue where a LUI error will occur when attempting to select a locked weapon in the SP loadout menu.
  71. * CaC PC Keyboard-only - show key hint for personalize attachment and use a tinted background when on PC/Keyboard.
  72. * Fixed mute hints on PC mouse and keyboard not displaying the hotkey. Fixed for CP/MP scoreboard and frontend lobbies.
  73. * PC volumetric optimization
  74. * Fix for PC entitlements
  75. * PC - prompt user to update display driver if it does not meet our minimum version (we need to encourage users to take the latest AMD drivers to get shader cache fixes(
  76. * Fix PC keyboard Jackal Roll to feel less mechanical
  77. * Smoothly blend in aim desires for Jackal along the Roll axis while using keyboard and mouse. Note that Yaw and Pitch are still not blended while using mouse and keyboard to improve responsiveness.
  78. * fix for Russian character decoding problem
  79. * Colour Blind rendering fixes
  80. * MenuButton in CP has been updated so that its width will be adjusted to match what it is currently displaying, and will no longer be anchored to the right in CP. This allows mouse input to not highlight or activate buttons when the mouse pointer is seemingly not going over anything.
  81. * Improved Helper Button Bar on PC. These changes activate if the game is on PC, gamepad is disabled, and it is not ingame-SP.
  82. * Helper buttons (commands on bottom of screen in menus) are reformatted to be large button to click on with the mouse.
  83. * Select" helper button is not drawn.
  84. * Keyboard hint is not drawn if the button is clickable.
  85. * Non-clickable buttons will have their hint drawn, and they will not get the new button treatment.
  86. * Certain helper buttons in MP frontend are no longer clickable (e.g. some of the hints in MP CaC, for hotkeys).
  87. * Full Screen ghosting bug fix for multiple monitors
  88. * Fixed issues with window client sizing when the Windows DPI setting is not 100%
  89. * Stability fixes for multi-gpu setups
  90. * Fix for GPU sync in SP for optimal latency input
  91. * Zombies - Move player splash further to the right when offscreen to hide in Ultra widescreen mode on PC .
  92. * Exfil - Player's jackal can get stuck in a locked-on state wherein it continues to speed forward without moving
  93. * Fixed issue where certain UI items were still able to be selected and change the 3D scene view when using a mouse when editing a single loadout. This would occur when mousing over on the left side of the screen in the LoadoutSelect menu while running the game with an aspect ratio wider than 16:9.
  94. * Fix for pre-baked shadows on PC
  95. * Zombies - For PC keyboard - Fix 'unbound' button hint for unpausing a challenge.
  96. * Adding missing processing of the self visibility data in the CPU skinning code.
  97. * Fix estimation of mip chain counts for render targets and all single mip image resources.
  98. * Cinematic hitching playback fix
  99. * Fix an issue where the ship assault briefing window on OpsMap was offset incorrectly on non-16:9 aspect ratios.
  100. * Fixed issue where a LUI error would occur when changing between gamepad and keyboard support.
  101. * Zombies - Global - Users are unable to mute other players while using the Mouse and Keyboard control scheme while in a Zombies match.
  102. * Fixed issue where attaching a controller when in the Gamepad Control Options menu would cause the Gamepad Enable/Disable selection to become inconsistent with the current gamepad enabled status.
  103. * Fixing nameplates on PC when using non 16:9 aspect ratios.
  104. * Invalidate shader cache on video driver version change
  105. * Fixed an issue where when using the gamepad or keyboard to navigate and modify advanced video settings, the settings button being modified would lose focus every time the setting was changed and the "vid_reconfig" command was executed.
  106. * Added "Copy other config" in controls for PC only
  107. * Render resolution is now driven by total pixel count
  108. * Fix the minimap jumping when pitch goes past 90 degrees on PC.
  109. * Fixed issue where gamepad enable/disable option button could be locked if the user closes the game while the gamepad is enabled, disconnects the gamepad, relaunches the game, and declines to switch to mouse and keyboard when the popup to switch appears.
  110. * Various advanced video options and optimal video bug fixes
  111. * The Combat Rig payload/perk preview box will remain overlapping the Loadout previews when moving the mouse cursor down from 'Select Combat Rig' and rapidly pressing F1 and ESC.
  112. * Fixing race condition in network status changed event code
  113. * CP- End of match scoreboard broshot is cut off with a PC using an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 at Resolution 1920x1200
  114. * Prevent PC from exiting frame early for throttling in the UI
  115. * Fix for Keyboard and mouse controls are unable to interact with the in-game scoreboard.
  116. * Updated Texture Resolution option on PC to only prompt the user to restart the game to update its setting after it loses focus from the user deselecting it after making a change to its value. If the user decides to not restart, the value returns to its original value before any changes had been made.
  117. * Display numbers instead of special characters for bindings on keys 0-9 when playing in french
  118. * Loadout menu now has Clear buttons on all applicable boxes.
  119. * Loadout menu now has Personalize buttons on the weapon and scope buttons when applicable.
  120. * Weapon name and rarity are moved to a different position to accomodate the new buttons.
  121. * Scope "F1"/"Triangle" personalize hint now only displays if controller is enabled.
  122. * Zombies - fix for facemelter distance ratio being too small
  123. * Shrunk and moved the brightness box down on the PC options so it does not overlap the menu.
  124. * Enable all killstreak actionslot keybindings to work in Drop Zone
  125. * Update to PC FOV Scaler
  126. * Fix for PC bug with cached shadows

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