Planet Explorers Steam Edition Beta v0.9 Cracked-3DM Change Log Guest on 28th October 2016 04:52:42 AM
  2. Beta 0.9 Released
  3. 28 October - Luminaire 
  4. And here we are, at beta 0.9, the game’s basically asset complete. We will now be aiming to get this game out in final form on November 7th. We wish we had more time in Early Access, but we’ve been in here a long time, and people are getting impatient (players, investors, development staff, you name it). Of course, final doesn’t mean the end of updates, far from it! That’ll be saved for another news post on our post-final plans. But right now, for the next couple of weeks it’ll be tweaks, bug fixes, polish, and more tweaks.
  6. In general, we have gotten crash bugs down to a minimum (we’ve only received 5 new ones since the last build, and they were fixed). If you’re crashing to desktop, we will need you to submit your output log to us to figure out why it happened.
  8. For Kickstarter supporters, we added your names into the game at all the crashed ships. You’re listed as Star X Corporation employees, who made the colony mission to Maria possible. The in game armor and weapon sets are done but we’re still working on the code, so you’ll get them next time.
  10. Also, please, please, please(!) spread the word that Planet Explorers is hitting final. Tell your family and friends, Youtubers, news portals, message boards, everyone! We need all the help we can get since we sort of stayed off the grid during much of development. The sales of this game pretty much feeds our studio and all of our future games.
  12. Changelist
  14. Fixed several crash bugs
  15. Fixed NPCs sometimes not using ISO guns
  16. Fixed hitting Paja causing a drop in relations with the Puja
  17. Fixed headless bandit leader
  18. Fixed NPC following the player after a follow mission
  19. Fixed NPCs not returning to town after a mission in multiplayer
  20. Fixed multiplayer lobby music loudness not being controlled
  21. Fixed texture flickering in opengl (by default Linux)
  22. Fixed tutorial bugs
  23. Fixed follow mission target right at where the player is in multiplayer adventure
  24. Fixed colony NPC armor UI issue
  25. Fixed various NPC store issues
  26. Fixed some NPCs head outside the monorail when sitting
  27. Fixed not all the correct sub-scripts are given when given a script
  28. Fixed NPC assignment not saving correctly
  29. Fixed enemy humans defensive and offensive numbers being wrong
  30. Fixed enemy humans not wearing clothing sometimes
  31. Fixed mission UI display issue after loading a game
  32. Fixed voxel digging issue in first person when the player is close up to the voxel
  33. Fixed players hearing vehicle sounds of other player even when far away in multiplayer
  34. Fixed a background sound playing right after loading into the game
  35. Fixed not foot mark after fast traveling in adventure
  36. Fixed wind sound not playing
  37. Fixed colonists saying their starving when there’s food in the storage
  38. Fixed mouse locking when server gets closed while on a vehicle
  39. Fixed turrets not firing when someone’s stealing them in survival multiplayer
  40. Fixed not being able to get hit by Puja gun fire when sitting in a chair
  41. Fixed fast travel after NPC death causing main storyline to break
  42. Tweaked monster beacon strength
  43. Tweaked flying robot attacks
  44. Tweaked fish types in story mode so more are aggressive
  45. Tweaked animation speed for melee attacks
  46. Tweaked tutorial level, it’s way more hands on
  47. Tweaked footstep sounds
  48. Tweaked NPC inside pathfinding logic
  49. Tweaked NPC spawn in adventure so that they appear closer to town
  50. Tweaked Trade Post in the colony so that it sells everything from NPCs the player’s met
  51. Tweaked colony enhancement machine UI
  52. Tweaked replication speeds for materials (such as steel)
  53. Tweaked animal relations
  54. Tweaked NPC models
  55. Tweaked NPC stores in adventure
  56. Tweaked the number of dye needed to make pigments
  57. Added more Andy talking points
  58. Added new adventure missions
  59. Added adventure storyline to multiplayer
  60. Added armor buffs
  61. Added Kickstarter supporter names ingame, check around the crashed ships and L1 section
  62. Added more background sounds
  63. Added more NPC sounds
  64. Added more footstep sounds
  65. Added follower voice overs
  66. Added turret effects when damaged
  67. Added prompt that ISOs can only be fixed in the colony
  68. Added prompt that ISOs can only be upgraded in the colony
  69. Added gathering dye to the Processing Facility
  70. Added new entrances for the adventure dungeons

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