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Sky Break-HI2U Change Logs By SkidrowGamesReloaded.com on 22nd October 2016 08:31:16 AM
  2. Here is the full log file for this update:
  4. New features
  6.     lost logbooks
  7.     boss mecha
  8.     new mecha idle animations
  9.     saving option when interacting with ionizer
  10.     lost loot chest filled with blaster ammo
  11.     pressing F2 removes UI elements
  13. Updated features
  15.     blaster ammo is now limited
  16.     ending cinematic music is now fading out
  17.     more trees in ice biome
  18.     cannot use ship ionizer anymore
  19.     ship uses more energy
  20.     special ammo effects improved
  21.     can aim and stay hidden in bushes
  22.     no walk speed change when hidden in bushes
  23.     mechas are more aggressive
  24.     mechas are more accurate when aiming player
  25.     no more enemies generated near station docks
  26.     difficulty adjustments
  27.     crafting recipe adjustments
  28.     can save when interacting with a ionizer
  29.     hacked mecha stops combat if player is too far away
  30.     player evolution needs fewer chips
  31.     mecha warehouse needs fewer crystals to be unlocked
  32.     windmills give one chip
  33.     improved distant mecha behavior
  34.     can change item quantity when dropping or moving item 10 by 10
  35.     middle popup background image
  37. Fixes
  39.     optimizing textures in memory
  40.     grass not generated on some chunks after navigating with the ship
  41.     smooth music transition between islands
  42.     ingame menu not closed while in main menu
  43.     Spike special attack having an effect on distant attacks
  44.     gamepad saving panel selection issue under certain conditions
  45.     "hold" text not synchronized with language
  46.     optimized AA algorithm. It is now a FXAA post effect
  47.     issue preventing foot prints to be displayed correctly
  48.     gamepad issue with text on some ship indications
  49.     mecha animation timing issue when stun animation is over
  50.     no step sound for a few seconds after loading
  51.     biome theme music not played
  52.     taking an item from the station chest with full inventory could make the item disappear
  53.     unlocking last crafting item displayed the first one as unlocked
  54.     take crystal do not remove crystal icon on map
  55.     issue with ship sound when used remotely to extract boxes
  56.     ship piece always at the center of the research area
  57.     take crystal with full inventory makes the crystal disappear
  58.     oil placement shown by the drone even if already taken
  59.     no enemy around after loading
  60.     improved scorpion distance attack aiming
  61.     changing view distance direct effect
  62.     corner map island not displayed
  63.     greenhouse plant icon on minimap
  64.     mecha never giving up combat issue
  65.     damage value issue with enemy missiles
  66.     station hole in a wall of the hangar room
  67.     laser attack double hit
  68.     right click input performed while in ingame pause
  69.     cleaned some player animations
  72. Thank you to everyone who supported the game during the Early Access and for your useful feedback. We really hope you will have fun with this last major update of Sky Break !

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