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Endless Space 2 v0.13-ALI213 Change Logs By SkidrowGamesReloaded.com on 18th October 2016 01:11:28 PM
  1. Patch 0.1.3 is live! Turn limit removed, influence & anarchy fixes, and more!
  3. 12 October - Frogsquadron      
  5. Hey everyone!
  7. Here is the first patch for Endless Space 2! It removes the turn limit as promised, and also adds fixes for influence, anarchy, and many other things.
  9. Thanks to the early testers yesterday for helping us test it! We included another tiny fix that we had time to finish in the meantime. Simply open Steam and your game should update automatically.
  11. Now for the full list of fixes:
  13.     Removed the turn limit
  14.     Fixed an error when an empire is eliminated and it had planet-related improvements queued
  15.     Added the revision number in the battle ship card in battle screen & fixed an inconsistency in data between tooltips of ships in the BattleShipItems in the fleet list, and the little triangles EncounterShipItem in the flotilla card 3D
  16.     Fixed fleet being considered as busy when loading a game where a ground battle was finished
  17.     Fixed Religious law allowing to cross closed borders
  18.     Fixed GuiElement having temp text instead of localization keys
  19.     Fixed special nodes notifications being displayed when loading the game
  20.     Fixed loading issues with some Vodyani games
  21.     Fixed conversion by influence feedback
  22.     Fixed fleets in movement between two nodes getting stuck when their destination becomes invalid
  23.     Fixed religious law allowing to attack enemy systems even when in enemy influence zone
  24.     Fixed laws getting cancelled one by one after elections if more than one needed to be cancelled
  25.     Fixed force law (base party law) not activated when changing political alignment
  26.     Fixed anarchy duration not corresponding to what is displayed
  27.     Fixed the attack action not breaking the guard for the attacking fleet.
  28.     Fixed cycling through idle fleets including those that are doing something
  29.     Fixed issue with a technology for the Vodyani
  30.     Fixed feedback issue with multiple economic modules on arkships of the same type
  31.     Fixed Hero healing cost
  32.     Fixed anarchy duration not being affected by game speed
  33.     Fixed feedback issue on ships speed bonus in ship design
  34.     Fixed the user not being informed that anarchy duration is modified by the empire's approval rating
  35.     Fixed misleading Close Borders and Open Borders notifications
  36.     Fixed bonuses generated by a government still being present while in anarchy transition
  37.     Fixed error happening when the player has 0 total population and recruits heroes
  38.     Fixed notifications being displayed during a space battle cinematic
  39.     Fixed being able to vote laws while in anarchy
  40.     Fixed skippable error being generated when hovering the cursor across ship icons after retreating from battles
  41.     Fixed conversion by influence not working on minor empires
  42.     Fixed missing parenthesis that created issues in Endless speed
  43.     Fixed error being generated when clicking Quit Game
  44.     Fixed missing descriptors and lowered heal cost
  45.     Fixed launching a ground battle between two turns generate an error
  46.     Fixed ground battle crash when the invaded system disappeared before the end of the ground battle.
  47.     Healing a hero now repairs their ship
  48.     Fixed "hero not assigned" notification happening even when the hero is assigned
  49.     Added -novideo command line to skip all videos to isolate possible crash sources
  50.     Added --disable-ai command line argument that disable completely the AI (no dll loaded) to isolate possible crash sources
  51.     Fixed users remaining stuck when choosing to invade an enemy's system
  54. Let us know what you think!

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