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  1. Update 0.93.28 Out Now (Stable)
  2. 7 October - Koomatzu   
  3. Update 0.93.28 has now been moved over to the main stable branch. Please report any bugs via our Steam or Official[www.lofigames.com] forums and we'll look into them as soon as possible.
  5. 0.93.28
  8.     Stealth sound overhaul. When sneaking, targets will sometimes hear you. The chance depends on distance and skill. A zero-skill character will be lucky if he can sneak around a shop without being detected. This gives more XP to compensate.
  9.     Stealing chances rebalanced
  10.     Town guards will investigate buildings that have their doors left open at night. They can recognise intruders.
  11.     You can no longer steal from your hired bodyguards if they get knocked out, they will now see it as a betrayal. IF they see it happen, that is.
  14. This is the result of some extensive testing, to further balance the hunger system in the way originally intended
  16.     hunger time is doubled again. It takes almost twice as long to get hungry.
  17.     food nutritional quality is halved, but also food cost is halved too. Remember the yellow and red states are supposed to be starvation, your ribs are showing, you shouldn't be able to fully recover from malnutrition with just 1 meal.
  18.     So, technically speaking, those 2 above result in the same amount of eating and costs, its just stretched over a slower timeframe now.
  19.     Food is no longer a trade good, so you only get 50% of its value when you sell it. Bread won't make you rich anymore. This will double-up as a plot point with the Trader's Guild later on. The cash crop will be drugs and alcohol.
  22. Over the last few years the economy of Kenshi has seen some inflation so I've re-balanced it a little
  24.     Recruits cost a lot more to hire, it's not so easy to rapidly get a bigger squad early on.
  25.     Cost of books is doubled
  26.     Bounty amounts for crimes are roughly doubled
  27.     You can no longer sell armour that is part of another factions uniform
  28.     Cooking food speed is x3, but ingredient cost is x8. Now the focus is less on waiting around for cooking, and more on running farms and protecting your crops until harvest time.
  29.     Properly added the research and crafting for the 3 main alcoholic drinks. These are the new cash crop as food was made less profitable in the last update.
  30.     Chainmail is 50% heavier
  34.     Tons of new weapons! The number has doubled. More interesting blunt and hacking weapons, polearms added, blunt skill unlocked, old ones overhauled visually. Rare and unusual weapons to find.
  35.     Weapon types have more characteristics and stats have been rebalanced. Weapons can have advantages or penalies when used indoors, and bonus damage against certain opponents or animals.
  36.     Characters will automatically switch to their side-arm weapon when indoors, if it has less of an indoors penalty than their main weapon.
  40.     Crafted weapon quality is limited by character skill
  41.     Crafted armour quality is entirely dictated by character skill (no need for further research)
  42.     Crafting has a critical success chance, if character is skillful there is a chance the final item will be one grade higher.
  43.     material costs and craft time vary by weapon type
  44.     Crafted gear is now "imprinted" with the name of the smith
  45.     Scattered appropriate weapon blueprints around the world
  49.     Performance boost! I measured an average 5-10 fps increase. This is not the main Ogre 2.0 performance update, that comes later.
  50.     Added a simple thieves/assassins guild
  51.     You can now stealth-knockout sleeping NPCs
  52.     Bounties are now assigned by factions. Committing a crime in the Holy Nation won't make you a criminal in the Empire or Shek Kingdom.
  53.     Tuned the "spawn" distributions. Should reduce the situations where you defeated a bandit or animal squad and then more and more kept coming to fill the population vacuum.
  54.     Also implemented a mild co-existence system, so small time villages don't get instantly wiped out by their dangerous evironment eg the BeakThing-Hiver wars
  55.     When your character gets sucked dry by a vampiric creature and dies, it leaves behind all his gear and clothes, just sitting there empty where once was your beloved character.
  56.     You can no longer sell a fence back their own items that you stole from them
  57.     Athletics XP rate reduced by 25%
  58.     Labouring skill XP rate increased 50%
  59.     Inventory interface subtly tuned to be a little nicer to use
  60.     Weapon prices doubled to match up with the armour prices
  61.     Added more treasure 'n stuff
  62.     Using equipment/ dummies in npc owned buildings is now illegal. You need to join the thieves guild if you want to use training equipment.
  63.     Some small tweaks to Scorchlanders
  64.     Added low-tiers to higher level weapon benches, just so its less confusing when you don't have any high level options available to craft there
  65.     Tiny additional map content update. Added some simple tips to the mechanical shop keepers dialog.
  66.     The AI now knows when it is in a chase, and should give up properly when they lose sight of you.
  67.     Food ingredients are now shown in the item tooltip and crafting window

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